Partner Selection Can Be the Difference

To learn more about becoming a mobile certified marketer, you can read my previous blog post here.

Prior to jumping directly into the mobile movement, marketers need to evaluatePartner Selection Can Be the Difference image emailvstext1Partner Selection Can Be the Difference their goals and objectives for the mobile channel as it is unlike any other marketing tactic. Just because you can, does not mean you should (without knowing the impact). For example, push notifications and SMS messages are delivered instantaneously whereas email may be throttled over the course of several hours. It has been reported that SMS messages are read within 4 minutes compared to email, which is typically read within 48 hours. At the 2013 South by Southwest Conference & Festival held in Austin, Texas, Roe J. McFarlane, the VP of Production Innovation & Customer Experience at Redbox, put this in perspective. He spoke about a push campaign oversight from Redbox that had an unforeseen negative impact. McFarlane was quoted as saying, “You can be a victim of your own success. With 18 million downloads, we thought we would tell everyone that Spiderman was now available. You would think that that’s a good thing, but what happened is that we had 18 million people come to at the exact same time.” The end result was a bad customer experience as Redbox experienced an overload to their infrastructure.

Redbox continues to be a thought-leader when it comes to utilizing the mobile channel, but partnering with an experienced organization may have prevented issues like the one mentioned above from occurring. Experienced partners can identify the key transformational activities required to enhance the customer experience and recommend an approach that combines people, processes, and technology to attain the marketing objectives of the organization. This is especially true when it comes to campaign strategies that include the mobile channel as there is a distinct set of regulations and best practices to abide by.

The integration of the mobile channel can play a significant role in accelerating the maturity of your organization’s marketing efforts, from the generic brand-centric to the more personalized customer-centric. Customer-driven marketing is about building a one-to-one relationship that allows you to gain additional insights and use those ‘learnings’ to continuously add value throughout the customer engagement cycle. Mobile has the ability to take one-to-one marketing to a more personalized level, especially when we consider location based marketing. For example, during the same SxSW Conference, McFarlane provided a perfect example of customer-centric messaging, “If we were to say, ‘Go rent Spiderman,’ but half of users found it was unavailable, that would be a bad experience. Customers driving by a kiosk can get a push notification saying, ‘Spiderman is on your wish list, and it’s in stock at the kiosk near you.’” I used another Redbox example to demonstrate the growth of Redbox, from their earlier brand-centric messaging which caused their servers to crash, to the more recent customer-centric communication containing personalization and relevance.

My final thought about mobile marketing is that it is a channel that is pertinent today and targeted for exponential growth in the near future. In terms of usage, Aaron Kahlow, of OMI, reported during a MMA webinar that by the year 2014 mobile internet usage should surpass desktop internet usage. Marketers need to take the necessary steps if they have not done so already to integrate the mobile channel as part of their overall customer engagement strategy starting today, not tomorrow. This can be accomplished in-house or by partnering with an organization with the experience and expertise to lead you through the process.

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