How to Paddle a River Raft- Enhancing your River Rafting Skills

Whitewater rafting has become one of the most popular outdoor and adventure sports for millions of rafting enthusiasts. However, no matter how enticing the adventure might seem, you must not overlook that river rafting certainly involves elements of risk on life. Whether you are a beginner or you have rafted before, here are certain essential tips that ensure that your rafting experience is not only thrilling but safe as well.

  • Make sure all the rafters are spread evenly on both sides of your raft.
  • When you want to move the raft in the forward directions, remember to take a digging motion. For this, you need to make your left hand pull the stem of the paddle in the forward direction or towards the rear end of the raft. Your right hand must push the top end of the paddle away at the same time.
  • When you want to move the raft in the backward direction, do the opposite of what you do while paddling the raft in the forward direction.
  • To move the raft in the right direction, paddlers sitting near the right paddle must do the backward while others on the left must do the forward paddle.

With the above paddling tips, you can certainly have a clear idea of how you should raft on your first river rafting trip. When you are aware of all the paddling techniques, you will be able to perform well in the real time rafting.

So, do not wait anymore. Plan a river trip and bring your friends along to experience the challenging Whitewater rapids. You can also look for an experienced person to help you in time of emergencies. River rafting is an exciting outdoor activity but make sure you remain safe throughout your trip.
Enjoy river rafting like never before.


How to Paddle a River Raft  Enhancing your River Rafting Skills image Paddling Guide for Dummies Infographic by CRATEINC 330x600How to Paddle a River Raft Enhancing your River Rafting Skills

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