Packing Materials that You Already have in Your Home [Infographic]

    By Tim Scott | Small Business

    What makes moving strenuous is not just the risk involved with the loss of our belongings during the transit. Another serious issue during relocation is how to keep our belongings safe so that they do not get damaged while on the move. Most of us fret over the right packing material and spend hundreds of dollars on the same. However, we often neglect that we already have packing materials in our homes that can be used to pack our precious belongings. There are a lot of materials that we already have in our different rooms and which can be used as packing material. Here is a look at some of the belongings that you can use as packing material –

    • Towels can be used for wrapping plates, vases or serving platters as they provide the required protection and support.

    • The trash can after cleaning it thoroughly can also be used to pack different kitchen utensils that are unbreakable.

    • Clothing can also be used to wrap the breakables. Heavy clothing such as sweatshirts can be used for offering a cushioning support to the moving boxes.

    • Pillow cases are perfect to fill light items that do not carry the risk of breakage.

    • Open spaces in the boxes can create a lot of trouble as it can lead to breakage of the belongings. Socks are the perfect solution to fill the empty spaces in the moving boxes to keep your belongings getting damaged by coming in contact with each other.

    • If you are thinking how to pack heavy items, you can pack them effectively in suitcases since they have wheels and will make it easier to move them.

    • Egg cartons can be used to keep jewelry. Although ensure that you do not move it with out other belongings.

    Moving no doubt is stressing and demanding but effective and early planning is the key to a successful move. Do not waste all of your money on moving supplies as you can make use of many of these common household things.


    Packing Materials that You Already have in Your Home [Infographic] image infographic shorts packingmaterials v2 10133Packing Materials that You Already have in Your Home [Infographic]

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