New service streamlines outpatient aftercare process

The creators of the Wellframe app have already recognized the need to connect outpatients with doctors to receive aftercare help once they leave hospital. With a similar aim, Careport is a platform that connects patients, hospitals and post-hospital care providers to make the process easier for those involved.

One of the SXSW Accelerator finalists at last month’s festival, Careport aims to act as a middleman between the parties involved when a patient completes their hospital stay. Patients signing up for the service can enter medical information about themselves and review the aftercare options available to them. They can then search for nearby providers that cater to their needs. Along the way, users can continue to keep their hospital updated in case they need to return for further care. Doctors themselves can take an active role by registering their patients and managing their aftercare options through a dashboard. The site also helps post-care facilities to connect with potential customers more easily than through traditional means.

Careport is currently undergoing a three-month pilot scheme – working with leading aftercare providers in Boston – before launching fully. Getting good healthcare is a priority for many people – are there other ways patients can be connected with quality providers?


Spotted by: Raymond Neo

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