Online store for temporary tattoos pays members for their unique designs

    By Sophie | Small Business

    Hand-drawn tattoos may offer a unique way to enhance one’s personal style, but often people are put off by a tattoos permanence. Enter Dottinghill, an online community and e-store focused on unique temporary tattoos that rewards designer members for their creations.

    Targeting “anyone who digs awesome designs and who is not afraid of being quirkily different,” Dottinghill aims to provide enthusiasts with “a place to share their love for their design ideas, hang out with one another and shop for the most fly accessories to wear on their skins”. A wide variety of temporary tattoos are available on the site, searchable by both size and body placement. Community members, meanwhile, can serve as either spotters – suggesting artwork they’ve seen online as the basis for potential new tattoos – or designers, who submit their own creations. Either way, submitted designs undergo scoring by the Dottinghill community; the most popular ones become candidates for potential use in new products. Spotters whose submissions get selected are awarded USD 50 in store credit, while designers get USD 50 in credit plus USD 100 or more in cash, depending on the category of their submission and the sales it achieves through the store.

    Dottinghill’s Singapore-based creator, Dots Connection, focused the site on water-transfer body tattoos because “we reckon that these are so neglected as a fabulous medium for designers to express themselves and we want to push the boundaries of what traditionally define a temporary tattoo design,” it explains. In other words, yet another product category just got upgraded. What other neglected goods could you update, upgrade or transform with the help of the sellsumer masses?


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