Online fashion store lets women browse shirts by bra size

We recently saw Russian site Suit Up provide a way for shoppers to see how clothes might fit them virtually before they buy. Now a new collection for women uses the Triofit system, which takes into account the wearer’s bra size when buying online.

Created by InStyle Essentials, the range features three types of tops for women – a Classic Button Front shirt, a Bow Blouse and a Weekend Tunic. The Triofit system was developed by Rebecca Matchett and Drew Paluba, but the InStyle collection is the first to integrate the method for sizing. Rather than using more simple measurements to determine if the item will fit, customers choose their shirt based on the circumference of their chest as well as their bra size. The aim is to enable women to know what they’re getting before the item is shipped, because each shirt more closely matches their particular proportions.

Are there other ways for online fashion retailers to give consumers a better idea of what they’re buying, before the purchase and shipping goes ahead?


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