Ongoing feedback for employees through messaging system

PropsToYou has already provided employers with a platform for ensuring individual performance is monitored and rewarded on particular projects, but monitoring employees on an ongoing basis can be more difficult. 15Five provides a way for bosses to encourage staff to spend some time each week to give feedback on their work as part of a continuing conversation.

The concept is fairly simple – employees set aside 15 minutes each week to fill out questions about the work they are currently doing. Bosses then spend five minutes to read their responses and set follow ups. Using the 15five system, staff are easily reminded to fill out their forms and managers can view the conversation history in order to bring up important points relating to each member’s development. Employee morale is boosted as they can get their concerns or thoughts across to the higher ranks, while CEOs can keep in contact with individuals without sacrificing too much time out of their schedules.

Saving time and keeping employees happy can help companies run much more efficiently and productively. How else can the gap between management and staff be minimized?


Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

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