Nokia Lumia 929 photos leak with revealing GDR3 Glance screen shots

    By Luke Edwards | Small Business

    The Nokia Lumia 929 has leaked as more than just a name today, after it was being banded about the interwebs and we reported on it previously. Now a Mexican source has sent photos of the handset to Phone Arena.

    The Lumia 929 in the snaps has the latest GDR3 Windows Phone update. It’s interesting to see the new Glance screen isn’t only capable of displaying images behind the time and date, but will also allow for colour as Captain America is showing off in the pic.

    The Nokia Lumia 929 itself should be a 5-inch handset which is still large enough to show off the extra row of Tiles but not quite so pocket-consuming as the Lumia 1520 with its 6-inch bulk. And it looks like it’ll come with a 32GB storage option. Here's hoping the Snapdragon 800 quad-core is in there too.

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    The camera on the 929 should be the same 20-megapixel PureView snapper found on the 1520, which includes the impressive Nokia Pro Cam. Another interesting extra is the ability to see the battery level of an accessory on a Tile. Imagine using the wireless, wireless charger plate and knowing exactly how much juice it has left at a glance of the screen - brilliant.

    The Nokia Lumia 929 is rumoured to be launched mid to late December. After enjoying the Lumia 1520 this slightly smaller but new OS-toting handset has us very excited.

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