Nokia India Promotes Lumia 1020 By Asking Fans To Be Zoom Agents And Solve Crimes

    By Vinaya Naidu | Small Business

    You’ve seen crime shows and movies of private detectives all your life and now, you can be part of one with the Nokia Lumia 1020 Zoom Agents, says Nokia, in the latest online promotion for the smartphone with the 41 megapixel camera launched in October in India. Nokia is seeking to create Zoom Agents who with the help of the high resolution zoom features of Lumia 1020 will investigate and solve a murder mystery.

    You will be awarded a Lumia 1020 for solving the case in the least time. Two second and three third solvers get Lumia 925 and Lumia 720 each.

    Nokia Zoom Agents

    A Google ad asking me ‘Who killed Varun Patel?’ got me to the campaign website. The site loaded with information on Nokia Zoom Agents and a video flashing news about the unsolved murders. Lured with the excitement of becoming an agent and winning a Lumia, I clicked on ‘start the investigation’. Proceeding further, I read the case file and went through the crime scenes. You have to sign in through your Facebook or Twitter ID to be a zoom agent.

    Nokia India Promotes Lumia 1020 By Asking Fans To Be Zoom Agents And Solve Crimes image Nokia Zoom agents casefileNokia India Promotes Lumia 1020 By Asking Fans To Be Zoom Agents And Solve Crimes

    The contest provides three murders to solve, out of which the first case (the Varun Patel murder) has been solved. Varun, a diamond merchant aged 28 was found dead in his apartment at Pali hill. One had to find through various clues to solve how he was killed. The second case is of a 25-year old Software Specialist named Nishant Verma who was found dead at his Golf Links apartment.

    Solving a crime requires thorough investigation. One has to go through the various evidence zones (marked by +) in the room. You need to zoom into the photos from different evidence zones and figure out the clues that tell us how Nishant died. Once you are sure, you can type your answer below and submit.

    Nokia Zoom Agents on social

    A video introduces detective Roy who informs us how Lumia 1020 helps him in solving crimes. The Nokia India YouTube channel also features short videos for each of the two crimes. The video promoting Varun Patel’s case that has been solved was viewed more than 216K times.

    The 9.5 million strong Nokia India Facebook page has been on a mission to promote the campaign since last month. A cover photo and many wall updates are luring fans to participate with the promise of Lumia phones. Twitter, the global townsquare is being leveraged to create buzz using the hashtag #NokiaZoomAgents.

    Who killed Nishant? Uncover clues, reveal the murderer & bring justice! #NokiaZoomAgent

    — Nokia India (@NokiaIndia) December 7, 2013

    Will it work for Lumia 1020?

    The Nokia Lumia 1020 launched in India at the sweet Bata price of Rs. 49,999 in October surely isn’t for most of the online masses, but surprisingly is being promoted as one. I like that the campaign emphasizes on its features that it claims no other smartphone can match – 41 megapixel camera sensor, PureView technology, Optical Image Stabilisation and amazing high-resolution zoom. An extensive and themed campaign on digital powered by social media helps the smartphone to differentiate itself from other high end smartphones in the market.

    Besides, we all love thrillers and what’s a campaign without a good storytelling! The Nokia Zoom Agents is well aligned with the message it wants to spread across and is awarding Lumias too. A neat design and layout coupled with a smart background score and smooth navigation provide for a fun user experience on the site. The ‘Buy now’ link on the website ensures a complete cycle in the promotional campaign.

    What do you think of Nokia Secret Agents? Does it help promote Nokia Lumia 1020?

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