Say No To The Wrong Clients

    By Greg Taylor | Small Business

    I’ve always been a believer of saying no to the wrong project. (Article: Say No To The Wrong Projects) This is the first lesson all entrepreneurs and new business owners need to learn. The second lesson to know, learn and live by is identifying and Saying No To The Wrong Clients.

    This one is not as cut and dry as the first lesson. Many times a project that is well-suited for your company comes along, but something doesn’t feel quite right. The client. You are not going to be on the same page as everyone you come in contact with and the sooner you identify it the better off you will be.

    Client expectations may be out of whack. Project timeline may be highly unrealistic. The client may try to add things to the project that were not initially agreed on and to make things worse you don’t say anything to stop it. Something seems off between your company and the prospective client with personalities and communication.

    All of these things may be there, but you ignore the warning signs for whatever reason — and you’re setting the client up for a bad experience, and you are setting yourself up for a torturous time if you aren’t fired from the project. (Yes, like employees businesses can get fired.)

    None of this means that either party or bad people. This means you aren’t on the same page for whatever reason and it’s time to move on. There will always be people for you to work with.

    Simple Business Lessons

    1. Identify projects that are good for your company
    2. Identify clients you can help and you want to work with

    These are simple lessons that we all stumble on — the sooner you get better at these two things, the more success you and your clients will experience.

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