Next Apple iPhone to come in Gold

There have been quite a few speculations about the next iPhone, but a gold iPhone seemed to sound like a tacky idea. However, the tech blog AllThingsD has confirmed that Apple would be selling the next generation iPhone in a shade of gold. The news, which has also been confirmed by iMore, TechCrunch, and 9to5Mac, states that the next iPhone may be available in a gold color along with the traditional black and white.

Although a gold iPhone has been viewed as tacky in the past, AllThingsD reported that the color would not be a “gaudy shade of gold”. The tech blog stated that Apple would be releasing the new phone in a much lighter shade of gold, or champagne gold as it is referred to.

This new announcement does have a plan, as gold iPhones could create a lot of buzz (and sales) in markets such as the Middle East and even China. China reportedly hosts “Golden Week,” a national holiday that begins on October 1st. If Apple were to release the new phone at that time, Chinese workers who get three days off for the holiday could be a huge potential market for them. However, if the iPhone is not ready for Golden Week, the phone could still help perpetuate a partnership between Apple and China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier. China Mobile currently sports 740 million subscribers and a partnership between the two companies would help Apple grab a significant share of the market.

It has yet to be confirmed whether the gold color would be an addition to the existing options, but this may be revealed soon as the new phone is expected to be unveiled on September 10th.

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