NBA Fans Who Can’t Get Enough, Just Got It

    By Lindsey Nelson | Small Business

    NBA Fans Who Can’t Get Enough, Just Got It image NBA imageForBlog 200x300NBA Fans Who Can’t Get Enough, Just Got ItThere are 10 seconds left. You’re down by 1. Would you rather have Kobe Bryant with the ball in his hands, or LeBron James? What about Karl Malone? Or say you’re down by a lot and need to hit some 3-pointers in a hurry. Are you gonna dish the ball to Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, or Dale Ellis in his heyday?

    For the diehard NBA fan, these aren’t just idle hypotheticals—these are the questions that fuel a deeply felt fandom. Debating about the merits of players is just as much a part of the game as watching them play, and there’s only one thing that’ll guarantee victory:

    Cold hard stats.

    For years, basketball fans had to rely on team websites and sports columns for the data they thirst for. Too often, though, their research could turn up disputable results and, even worse, unsettled questions.

    So when the debate came up over who dominated down low in the 1978 match-up that had Moses Malone going head-to-head against Bob McAdoo, answers could only be discovered after visiting several sports sites and blogs. And even then, could you really be sure?

    Now that search is much easier, accurate, and satisfying.

    NBA Stats, with insights powered by SAP HANA using SAP analytics technology, is the definitive resource for all NBA statistics. Player profiles, team stats, shot charts, and game logs—all updated in real-time—are just the tip of this iceberg of a web experience. There, any fan can find information on every player and every game from the last 66 years—and instantly.

    It’s as simple as visiting NBA Stats, finding that box score from February 3rd, 1978, and seeing for yourself that it was McAdoo who won the battle (20 points to 5), but Malone who won the war (112-102).

    Even “immeasurables” of the game are being measured on NBA Stats, like how clutch a guy is in the closing minutes of a game. The site can serve up stats on how a player performs even in the final seconds when his team is trailing by one, two, or three points—and see how clutch he’s been throughout his career. So you can quickly discover that this season the player you want carrying the ball at the end of the game is actually Kevin Durant. But in 1999, that ball better be in Karl Malone’s hands.

    Then there’s shot analysis, probably the most visually appealing statistical representation on the site. Shot performance, distribution, and hot spots can be pulled up for any player, represented in colored and annotated overlays on the court. From this interface, it takes only a few clicks to discover that despite James Harden’s known effectiveness driving to the basket, he is particularly dialed in from beyond the right side of the arc (40.32%), yet falls short of Dale Ellis’ overall 3-point accuracy during his last post-season performance (42.3%).

    With such a rich database of information, the site helps create the ultimate fan experience, inviting fans to form their own opinions on players and teams, and back them up with definitive and accurate statistics. Robust search and comparison options allow users to split, filter, and run queries to their hearts’ content, with a level of detail and breadth that far surpasses all sites before it.

    So now fans are getting closer to the game by getting inside of it.

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