What’s In a Name on Social Media?

What’s in a name? The question has been asked millions of times over the centuries. So, why ask it again? Start-up and businesses engaged in re-branding need to ask the question today in a slightly different way: What’s in a name on Social Media?

What’s In a Name on Social Media? image Romeo with FB page 1024x7681What’s In a Name on Social Media?Hmmm. Facebook or a Chew bone? I’ll choose Facebook

Social media presence is an important consideration for branding and re-branding in two ways: first, because of what the name of the business might communicate to your audience and, second, because of what it requires of you when you interact with others on social media platforms.

First, the name itself is important on social media platforms. It is important to consider how people will feel about interacting with your brand in social contexts. For example, an exterminator might think it is clever to call his business The Big Bad Killing Man. It makes a certain sense from a certain angle. But how many people want to interact with that brand on social media? What would you think if you discovered that your spouse or your teenaged child was having conversations with this person?

Clearly, you want your brand to reflect the essence of what your company is and does. Reflecting your personality or the culture of your company is also a vital part of choosing a brand name. Something friendly and helpful will probably attract more followers and convert more prospects on social media platforms.

Second, you must live up to the promise of your brand. Authenticity is of utmost importance on social networking sites. You must be what you claim to be. If your brand makes any kind of promise, you must live up to and fulfill that promise consistently. You also must communicate consistently that you know and understand the needs of your audience. You do this by listening to their questions and concerns and by responding to what you hear with targeted and helpful content. If you cannot help them with small needs, why should they trust you with major needs?

In fact, the way you relate to prospects and customers should be consistent with your brand and be authentic to the brand promises you make. Take our brand, for example. Everyone knows little black dogs are friendly. Unless they are frightened, they are most likely to run up to you and lick you on the face. Although we do not go quite that far, the humans in the company are friendly and reasonably outgoing. An eminently social animal makes perfect sense as the brand and the logo of a social media marketing and services firm.

If you are a start-up or you are re-branding, we encourage you to think about what’s in a name before you choose it. We encourage you to think also about what’s in a name on social media before you commit to the potential ramifications of the attractiveness of the name or to the brand promises you must fulfill in your social media interactions.

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