Multiple features make the ‘Safest Bike on the Road’

One thing that can discourage urban travelers from getting on their bike is the perceived danger posed by other traffic. While the Kilo Glow from Pure Fix Cycles has already offered a glow-in-the-dark model, the self-proclaimed Safest Bike on the Road includes a reflective coating along with working brake lights and other safety features.

Created by Josh Zisson – director of business development at Halo Coatings, a company that has developed a durable retro-reflective paint that can be applied to almost any surface – the bike marries various safety measures in one model. A dynamo hub uses the rider’s energy to power an LED headlight and daytime running lights. A tail light at the back is also connected to the dynamo, reacting to the voltage input and getting brighter when the bike slows down, effectively acting as a brake light. The brakes are contained in enclosed casing, meaning they work well even in heavy rain. On top of this, the bike features Halo Coating’s retro-reflective paint, meaning it is highly visible to motorists in the dark.

Although Zisson does not have plans to market his model, he is currently working to encourage bike manufacturers to invest in the reflective coating, making cycling a safer activity that could encourage more commuters on their bikes. Otherwise, plenty of inspiration here for other bike makers.


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