How Much Data Does The Internet Hold On You

Every day, we conduct countless transactions virtually through the Internet. From sending emails to looking up details about our favorite movies and celebrities, our daily lives are spent with the Internet as witness.

It keeps a record of what we do, what we like and all other things we share through social networks—albeit most of the time, with our permission and out of our own doing. This makes the lives of entrepreneurs a lot easier as it cuts short the painstaking processes they used to go through in order to have an idea about what the market needed and wanted. All it takes these days is obtaining the information from social networks that track our behavior and patterns online. Over the last few decades, it is almost difficult to look back at how much of ourselves we shared for the rest of the world to know under the virtual blanket called “the Internet.”

How Much Data Does The Internet Hold On You image Internet Privacy largeHow Much Data Does The Internet Hold On You

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