Come take a tour of Motorola's spooky, vacant Moto X factory

Today I was granted access to the Moto X assembly plant in Forth Worth.

(Actually, everybody on the Internet was granted the same access, by way of an “interactive Google Street view tour.” Moto X is a product of Google-owned Motorola, and the bottom line is that this was a promotional stunt for a new phone.)

But still: I love factory tours! This virtual one plops visitors down on a mezzanine level, with a commanding view of the bustling factory floor. I started clicking around the space, trying to get a closer look at all of the various machinery and buzzing workers. Eventually I had seen all of that, and so I started clicking elsewhere; and the more I clicked, the more I found myself in boring spaces: the vacant desks, empty rooms, open floor area and lonely hallways that Google’s Street View camera had incidentally captured.

I started taking screenshots, and below, I've created my own tour of the Moto X factory: haunting, spooky, solitary. Is my resulting virtual photo essay somewhat unfair in visually depicting the assembly plant as an eerie space? Sure.

But: c’mon. We’re just having fun here.

A (Misleadingly) Haunting Tour Of The Moto X Assembly Plant

An unoccupied room.

An expanse of unoccupied desks.

More desks, whose occupants have fled. (Never to return?)

A wide, empty floor.

An even wider, more empty floor.

An empty floor, carpeted.


The vastness of office life.

Gone for the weekend.


Open spaces...

The tour ends here.

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