Moto X: Google’s Entry into the Smartphone Market

    By Vignesh Subramanyan | Small Business

    Dubbed the ‘Anti-iPhone’, the Moto X is the polar opposite of Apple’s iPhone. The new phone unveiled by Motorola and Google is another addition to the already crowded and competitive smartphone market. Moto X is the first phone released by Motorola since Google bought them out for $12.5 billion.

    Although the Moto X may not be an ‘iPhone killer’ it does have some very interesting and distinctive features. The new smartphone allows users to customize the interior by making changes to the colors or materials of the phone and provides users with comprehensive voice command capabilities. The phone will continuously listen for a user’s voice and will react quickly to any commands. The goal of the voice command feature is to learn the voice of the phone’s owner and respond only to it. Although this may seem strange to some, the feature is something a user must turn on voluntarily.

    The Moto X will also be decked out with the latest bells and whistles including a 4.7-inch touch screen, a sophisticated camera and long battery life. The phone is the “blueprint for where Motorola and Google are going to go from here” as analyst Ramon Llamas stated and will signify their success, or lack thereof, in the smartphone market. Samsung and Apple currently hold a majority of the market share, but Google hopes to capture some of that revenue with their new phone.

    Google’s venture however, is very different from Apple’s approach in that they are giving users more control as opposed to Apple’s single experience focus. The Moto X differentiates itself from other smartphones by providing users an opportunity to customize their phones as opposed to the universal “take it or leave it” approach other smartphones employ.

    Motorola’s new phone has yet to gain a foothold in the market, but speaks to Google’s extensive investment in the smartphone business. Google has been “aggressive in absorbing Motorola” and has set in place a new team consisting of employees from various competitors in this major effort. Motorola will be manufacturing the Moto X in the US, one of the first smartphones to do so, and may benefit from faster delivery, which could be an added incentive for buyers.

    The Moto X will go on sale in late August and will cost $199 with a 2-year contract (it will be available on all major American phone carriers).

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