Most Popular This Week: DARPA Hacking Cars & The Worst States For Speeders

Welcome to the weekend gear heads! We hope you’re hard at work placing a new set of heads on a GM crate engine, or finishing the alignment on some manner of MOPAR machine. Even better, you could be done, and already on the road, at the wheel of a Shelby Mustang. But if you need a bit of inspiration, here are the most popular stories of the week.

This week started off with a jaw-dropper, as Aston Martin teamed up with Zagato for this retro-tastic Centennial Coupe:


But not to be outdone by that tag-team job, is news of the future collaboration between Aston Martin and AMG, announced yesterday.

All manner of sportscar is on the way. The replacement for the McLaren MP4-12C has been spied testing, and the BMW M4 Coupe (replacement for the M3 Coupe) is coming to the Pebble Beach Concours:


While the elite are at Pebble, the rest of us plebs are left to duke it out on the open road. Here are the worst states for speeding tickets:


Meanwhile, for the GM Performance fans out there, Callaway dropped a concept for an upcoming FIA GT3 racer version of the C7 Corvette. We also spent some time getting to know the folks at Lingenfelter, and their insane creations:


Big news from Bentley- the UK luxury automaker is going to build an SUV. It would not be the first time. In the 90’s they built a limited number of custom SUVs for the Sultan of Brunei:


This week, Forbes caught up with two DARPA engineers, who proved they could hack the crap out of your car:

But to put you at ease and get you in the motoring spirit, here is the tale of a Ferrari 275 GTB/4*S, given a proper sendoff:


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