Modified cup makes drinking easier for those with health problems

Unfortunately, most everyday objects are not designed for those with mobility issues. However, we’ve already seen Elev8 provide bikes for less able riders, and now handSteady hopes to make it easier for those with tremors or dexterity problems to drink more easily.

Developed by Chris Peacock, who experienced a family member struggling to use traditional cups after being diagnosed with a health condition, the handSteady features a handle that is able to twist independently of the mug itself. This allows users to tilt the cup to drink while holding the handle steady in an upright position, giving a more flexible two-handed control. Once the handle is in a comfortable position, it can be locked with the thumb to ensure the cup doesn’t tilt any further. The handle is also larger than on standard cups to allow the whole hand to grip it and the device is made out of lightweight plastic so that those with weak muscles can easily grip it.

The handSteady is designed to avoid spillages and embarrassment, making drinking a more pleasurable and safe activity for those with dexterity problems. How else can existing products be modified to for those with similar difficulties?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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