Mobile technology that set my small business free

As much as I would like to sit in my office from morning until night and let everything I need show up at my door, it's just not going to happen. The very nature of my Internet marketing business dictates that I must go out into the world and talk to people. When you're a small business start up, the market may not know you exist until you reach out with a handshake. Thanks to some very cool mobile technology, my forays into the unknown are worth the effort.

Mobile Tech for Taking Payments

There is a familiar story all sales people know but would rather forget. It's the one where you're closing in a sale with an enthusiastic prospect. They go to reach for their checkbook but discover it's not there. Your stomach does a flip because you know if you don't get their payment now you'll have to work twice as hard to get it in a day or two. This has happened to me countless times when doing sales calls for one of my promotional introductory products - a full page listing in an online business directory.

In the past I would have been forced to "arm-wrestle" the prospect for their credit card number in writing or follow them home and wait on the doorstep for a check. That pain ended for me when I signed up for a program that allows me to take instant credit card payments with my smart phone. I received a card- swiper not much larger than a 1-dollar coin that plugs into the phone. There is a small fee involved, but it accepts all major credit cards and the payment is deposited to my business account within 24 hours. My closing rate increased by 15% when I started using the card- swiper .

Contact Management

Collecting business cards is part and parcel of networking when you are working at getting a small business established. I literally acquired thousands of them in my first two years. My intention was to create a database that included the contact information for every person I met. These were potential customers that may eventually need a website or online marketing, provided I kept in touch with them. What ended up happening was a desk drawer full of loose business cards that I never had time to manually enter into a spread sheet.

I was ecstatic when I bought a "palm-size" business card scanner. It takes a couple seconds to scan both sides of the card. The software that came with the unit manages the data better than I ever could by hand. Not only does it allow me to perform various types of searches but it does some very cool things, such as sync with my email program, search for social media profiles, and gives me driving directions to the person's address. I get results from this list. The people that gave me their cards remember my business because I maintain contact with them.

One-Stop Business Presentations

It doesn't matter what kind of business presentation you're trying to do - using media to back up a point is powerful. When I set up a sales appointment with a potential client, I'm willing to make it as easy as possible for them by meeting in a convenient location. More than once I got caught trying to give a verbal description of a website or a social media function because I couldn't pick up a Wi-Fi signal on my laptop. Purchasing a pocket-size laser projector that can be used with my laptop or smart phone eliminated that headache for good. As long as I keep my batteries charged, I can do a business presentation on the spot. It requires a surface about the size of a lunch tray as a projector screen, which I tried once just for fun! It frees me to market my small business anywhere, at any time.

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