Do Mobile Apps Appeal to a B2B Audience?

    By Matt Ford | Small Business

    The rapid change of marketing is growing at a rate that cannot be ignored. In recent years, the general public has embraced the use of text messaging. In the advent of technology and internet, phones that were once used for simply texting and calling has now become a new window of communication and marketing.

    B2B marketing has its own physiognomies and concerns. Many tools that are recognized from consumer marketing do not apply in this specific context, or even need to be improved. An example of this is organizational buying behavior is often more complex and involves more stakeholders than consumer purchasing behavior. Business buyers increasingly are highly skilled professionals trained to optimize sourcing of products and services for their organizations. Still, mobile marketing can be cheap and there are ways that a B2B marketer can employ it effectively.

    Do Mobile Apps Appeal to a B2B Audience? image appsDo Mobile Apps Appeal to a B2B Audience?Often times, the easiest way invest in a mobile marketing campaign is to build an elaborate iPhone app (and Android and Blackberry apps to compliment it). Yet for the vast majority of B2B marketers, an app does not make sense. The only reason B2B marketers should build an app is if theirs have a product that is delivered through the web. There are other, and equally complicated, B2B services and products that just don’t work that way.

    You might be better off with just a small SMS campaign and they can run for less than $50/month. There’s also the potential of email and the environment for email on a mobile screen is drastically different from that of a desktop. (For instance, users tap and swipe, not click and press.) How do you plan to integrate that when you a need a phone call in order to qualify a prospect?

    It’s really no question that the increase in mobile users is adding up to the challenge for B2B marketers, but that should not be the reason why they are throwing the towel so soon. Neither does innovation mean that a marketer needs to discard “old-fashioned” methods. It’s simply knowing how much fo the industry is in fact changing with the technology and the needs of the business world. Not all users are the same and they could find the style of B2B marketing more appealing than those gimmicky and flashy games and apps.

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