Microsoft Announces “Bing for Schools” with Surface RT Giveaway

    By Vignesh Subramanyan | Small Business

    Microsoft announced its Bing for Schools program this Wednesday. The program provides schools with a Bing page for students and parents that remove all advertisements from search results. The main focus of this program, which filters out adult content and allows users to set enhanced privacy controls, is to help schools improve search capabilities.

    As an added incentive, Microsoft will also provide Surface RT’s that will help aggregate more schools during the initial launch of the program. The program allows users to accumulate credits as they utilize Bing, and for every 30,000 credits earned the company will give them a Surface RT with Touch Cover. Based on average usage, Microsoft predicts that 60 regular Bing users can collect enough credits for the device in about a month’s time. Others enrolled in the “Bing For Schools” program can also donate the device to schools.

    This program is not only an attempt by Microsoft to capture a significant portion of the market, but is also an attempt to boost sales for the Surface RT. The Surface has been facing inventory issues that has affected the sales of the device. However, Microsoft hopes to leverage the Bing program by offering the device as an added incentive.

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