The Massive Impact of Customer Reviews

    By Zac Johnson | Small Business

    When is the last time you did a search on Google or Yelp for your personal or business brand? If you are lacking in reviews than it’s time you got creative and brought in some attention.

    Buying reviews is never a good idea as they aren’t authentic and it can actually get you in legal trouble if you get caught. As a business you can always come up with new and creative ways to get real customer reviews, especially with more people and businesses now being more social than ever. A creative way to interact with potential offers is to run fun contests where people can post pictures of your product or in your local stores. Running a contest requiring users to share your Facebook Fan Page or even giving away coupons and gifts in exchange for reviews may sometimes be acceptable. For best results, simply ask for reviews from your customers.

    It’s not just your business brand and reputation that people are thinking about nowadays. Now it’s about personal reputations and how what you do on social networks will impact your future.

    Teenagers have been in the spotlight more than anyone else in terms of how their online activities can influence their future and their potential careers and hiring.

    The bottom line for Zammuto is that online reputation management is something that should begin as soon as social media use begins. “Every post and photo that you upload to the Web serves to build your online image—and as such, teens are encouraged to ensure that the image they are building is a positive one.” (full article)

    Whether it’s for personal reputation management or getting reviews for your business, what people see online and read will greatly influence their buying and hiring decisions.

    Let’s take a look at the “Online Review Revolution” infographic below and see what the rest of the world thinks about reviews online.

    • 20% of all searches on Google are related to location

    What reviews do internet users look at the most?

    • 55% customer reviews
    • 22% comparison charts
    • 21% expert reviews
    • 2% other

    What percentage of internet user have written a review online? 

    • 18-34 (50%)
    • 35-50 (49%)
    • 50+ (34%)

    The Massive Impact of Customer Reviews image online reviews infographicThe Massive Impact of Customer Reviews

    Infographic created by Dynamic Marketing.

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