Marketing Vitamins: Daily Marketing Activities to Build Any Business

Marketing Vitamins: Daily Marketing Activities to Build Any Business image calendarMarketing Vitamins: Daily Marketing Activities to Build Any BusinessEvery smart marketer knows that marketing isn’t something you can do only occasionally if you hope to grow your business. Instead, if you hope to see positive results, you have to manage your marketing the way you would your health: a daily dose of goodness. These don’t have to be astonishing feats of strength: think about them as marketing vitamins—little things that, when done every day, contribute to the overall health of your marketing. Here’s a Marketing Vitamin for every day of the week to get you started.

Monday: Write a blog!

This is Monday’s marketing vitamin for us at Ifbyphone. If you’re not already blogging…you should be. Blogs are a great way to talk about new products or services, showcase your knowledge in your area of expertise, or introduce yourself as a thought-leader. Building a solid list of blog subscribers is step one in building a solid audience that contributes to your business growth.

Tuesday: A/B Test Your PPC Ads

Just like any other cog in the marketing machine, PPC ads need tweaking from time to time. Use Google Analytics to A/B test your ad copy and observe which messaging is most successful. If you’re listing a phone number in your ads, use two unique call tracking numbers to monitor the volume of calls each ad generates. If your ads aren’t working, your marketing’s not working. A/B tests are a great way to discover what’s effective and what’s not.

Wednesday: Play With SEOMoz

SEOMoz is a great SEO analytics tool. With SEOMoz, you have the capability to view all of your inbound marketing data with custom reporting that identifies 404’s on your website, duplicate pages, weak keywords, and more. They also provide some really beautiful data visualizations as you build up a history of use, and there are always actionable recommendations that offer advice on how to improve your website.

Thursday: Check Out the Origins of Your Leads

Many marketers push out tons of marketing campaigns without ever really knowing if they’re successful or not. If you want your business to keep growing, one thing you must do is ensure you’re getting a solid ROI on the efforts you invest time and money in. A Google Universal Analytics integration can provide the data you need to analyze the success of your marketing campaigns and measure your online interactions with customers, and for offline advertising you have call tracking to measure the results of those ads. Knowing the origins of your leads are critical when you want to know where you can stop wasting money—and start spending more on efforts that actually drive results.

Friday: Engage on Social Media

At this point, many businesses have some kind of social media presence, however small. But having an account isn’t enough: you need to be engaging with your fans and sharing fresh content and news. It doesn’t take much effort: thank a follower for sharing your blog, or comment on a partner’s blog post with the hope that they’ll return the favor. Social media has become a part of marketing that can’t be ignored, so you might as well make it part of your routine.

Saturday: Reach Out for Guest Blogging Opportunities

If there’s a website that you know puts out great, relevant content whose readership you think would appreciate yours, reach out to the website for guest blogging opportunities. It’s a great way to make connections and to reach a new audience, and it increases the traffic to your website—all pluses.

Sunday: Rest…and Run Reports

Everyone knows that marketers never stop thinking about marketing. So if you can’t bring yourself to relax a little on Sunday, satisfy yourself with checking out your marketing reports. Solid marketing automation tools will enable you to run real-time reports on all your marketing activity for a given day, week, or month. Keeping up with the metrics of your campaigns means being up to speed at any given moment.

Some marketers have bandwidth to do all of these things every single day—some don’t. But when you think of keeping your marketing in good health, think of these little vitamins. All the little efforts you put in can have a big effect on the success of your business.

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