Marketing to Millennials: Just Be Real, Dude

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    It isn’t too far off to say that this is typically what comes to mind when we think of millennials in the office:

    Millennials are likely within your target audience. What’s unlikely, however, is that they are similar to the intern in the above comedic clip. In reality, they are shaping the future of business – making it essential to understand this particular demographic in accordance with the rest.

    The exact definition of “millennials” varies, but it generally encompasses anyone between the ages of 18 and 30. Described as “digital natives” by eMarketer, these consumers grew up with advancing technological opportunities. They may remember their parent’s old brick car phone or beginning computer classes in grade school, but largely, they emerged from their teen years with a solid grasp on the Internet and all surrounding devices.

    Now, millennials are not only the creators of many social media networks, but they are – as a whole – early adopters who exemplify it. Just take a look at the average age of users on six of the most popular social networks – the typical user on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram falls within the late teen to early thirties age range.

    Millennials are the influencers you are looking to identify and engage with in order to increase visibility. The fact that they are accustomed to instantaneous communication and feedback has impacted social media immensely – take Twitter’s brevity, for example. It could be argued that they are improving effectiveness: If you can make the same point in seconds with 140 characters, why waste more time?

    The different digital age that raised this demographic has led to the shift in the professional world. Entrepreuner reports that when it comes to marketing, many millennials believe “the message is inseparable from the product design itself.” They are more likely to place an emphasis on value, communication and engagement.

    This focus on authenticity encourages businesses to be real – and interact with consumers – to make a connection. The idea of “relationship marketing” has evolved over the years, and the benefits are explained well in this article about Mod Cloth’s personalized social strategy. It’s also mentioned that consumers today rely more on emotion than information when judging brands and their products and services. Therefore, marketing to millennials requires a more human, customized approach.

    What’s your strategy when it comes to connecting with millennials? Which brands do it well?

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