Lunchbox doubles as portable microwave oven

    By Tom | Small Business

    The HEXA POT has already offered quick, environmentally friendly cooking on-the-go for those in rural locations, but what about office workers? The HotLogic Mini is a portable food container that can be plugged in and used as a microwave oven.

    From the outside, the cooker looks like a typical tote bag that can be used for carrying food to work or elsewhere. However, inside it is lined with aluminum foil and features a heater plate, which cooks the food inside the bag. Users place the food into any container – including glass, metal or plastic – zip the bag up and plug it in. The food is then cooked without losing its moisture, according to the company. The device requires no programming and Is safe to use in any setting, making it useful for workers who don’t have time to prepare a hot meal and don’t have access to a traditional microwave oven.

    The HotLogic Mini could encourage more workers to vary their diet at work, as well as saving money by avoiding eating out and helping them enjoy last night’s leftovers. Are there other appliances that could be given a portable adaptation?


    Spotted by: Murray Orange

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