A Look Inside Bonneville Power’s Public Relations

For energy groups, like the Bonneville Power Administration, public relations strategy is focused on several key components:

1.       Public meetings & events

2.       A Public website

3.       Open/closed public comment periods

4.       Social Media

One third of the electric power in the Northwest comes from the BPA, including Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana and parts of California, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.  31 dams crisscross Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. To engage with a consortium of consumers and commercial deals, the group has on-going community education and public events:

Community & Education

·         For Education resource materials- focus on renewable energy, climate change, environment and energy efficiency.

·         Education programs include science fairs and competitions, classroom presentations, science camps, worksite visits, tours and career-based learning experiences.

Public Events include:

·         Forums

·         Public Meetings

·         Process Improvement

·         Commercial Meetings

With open public comment periods, energy companies invite comments on public processes, program and projects. You can usually submit public comments online or mail them. Closed comment periods allow the public to view archived information.

Social Media channels generally include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Energy companies have also begun to utilize photo sharing sites, such as Flickr and Instagram.

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