Local sampling gets a digital makeover

Supermarkets like Kroger have already used customer purchase history to target discounts at specific customers. Similarly, the Belly Bites scheme is delivering custom sampling offers to its digital loyalty card users to get them to try other local businesses based on the ones they use already.

Belly already enables consumers to collect reward points in one place from multiple local businesses through its app. It has now launched the Bites program, which uses data gathered from the use of its smartphone-based loyalty card, for example which outlets the user already frequents and those they’ve tried and not returned to. Belly then works with the businesses to create sample offers designed to let potential customers experience a taste of their products or service, according to reports. Where schemes such as Groupon can drive lots of traffic to businesses using its vouchers in a short space of time, Belly uses its data to stagger the delivery of its sample in order that companies can cope with demand. It can also target offers at each business’s desired demographic.

The Belly app is free to download for iOS and Android users, while business packages range from USD 79 to USD 149 a month. How else can data be used to benefit both businesses and their customers?

Website: www.bellycard.com/bites
Contact: www.bellycard.com/contact

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