Limited edition tour guides feature helpful locals’ phone numbers

As we saw with Nectar & Pulse and Plus One Berlin, innovations in the tourism sector are increasingly looking to connect travelers with locals in order to provide a more personalized experience. In a similar vein, For You The Traveller is a limited edition printed brochure written by one local per country, which also provides that person’s phone number.

Created by artist Nabil Sabio Azadi, the guide includes advice, information and stories from residents of the cities and rural regions it covers, which range from Argentina to Kenya to Iran. The aim of the book is to give users one perspective on each location, rather than the hundreds travellers can easily find online. In order to heighten the personal connection between the local and tourist, the guide also offers each writer’s phone number so those passing through their region can get to know them further. Not everyone can take advantage of the guide however, as its print run is strictly limited to 200 copies at a cost of AUD 120 each.

For You The Traveller embraces the slow and considered approach to holiday advice in order to give readers a richer experience. How else can tourists gain a more personal experience of foreign locations?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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