Lead Generation 101: How To Find Real Estate Leads Without Emptying Your Bank Account

Generating real estate leads is not hard as some people think; in fact, it’s as simple as A.B.C.

You know why?

Because, people are everywhere–all you just need is to hand someone your business card and *poof* instant leads!

There are many ways to generate real estate leads such as referrals from past clients, subscribing to a lead generation services, Et al…

Though all these works, but you have to dig a little deeper.

The first rule to generate leads or become a successful real agent is to be conscious that leads are everywhere. You can’t achieve what your mind can’t picture. Believe that leads are everywhere you go; remove thoughts of failure or impossibilities; believe that there’s someone out there who’s ready to become your client and refer you more people. Once you do this, you’ll start seeing improvements in your business.

Make it a point of duty to tell people about what you do. Strike up a conversation with someone in a shopping mall or restaurant. Engage the person behind you, give them your business card, call them up and let them know how you can help them.

Were you recently in a bash party, or invited to a wedding? Give someone your business card. Connect with as much people as you can; strike up conversation with people you don’t know; smile even if they’re not smiling.

Network and collect those real estate leads. Don’t forget to take a photograph with the bride and groom, who knows? They may be shopping for their new home.

Pro tip: Opportunity comes once in a ‘blue moon’; take advantage of any social gathering you attend by giving out your business card. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the mosque, church, school, or even the bus. Make friends. Who knows if that young man sitting beside you in the church is looking to shop a starter home?

1.      Be creative

Creative and smart people dominate the world we occupy. The only way you can over-take your competitors is by looking for more strategies you can apply to make your clients love you.

My Dad once said to me when I was a young kid that I should not be afraid to speak out or let people know who I am. The same applies to you. Don’t be afraid to get your name out there; send mailings, fliers, and do all you can to get your brand out there.

Do things differently. Be creative. Start by giving out gift cards to the first 20 to 50 people who sign up on your email list. This will encourage more prospects to sign up with you.

Pro tip: Remember, your competitors are out there planning on how to push you out of business; it’s up to you to stand out and become an unforgettable name in the real estate world.

Do things your competitors are not doing

2.      Throw an inexpensive Barbecue party and invite your past clients

Another way to accumulate more real estate leads is to throw a party. Invite at least, 10 to 15 of your past clients and give them the provision to bring their spouses or at most, two of their family members. Make the party a memorable one by organizing a raffle draw or dance competition amongst your clients.

Let each family come out to display their dancing skills and reward the winner with a cash incentive.

Do something exceptional and *poof* instant leads.

3.      Evolve—don’t do things the old way.

Most real estate owners complain of not generating leads whereas; they’ve been doing things the old way. As a real estate owner, It’s very important that you sharpen your skills frequently to stay on top of your game. Try to be as innovative as possible.

Your turn

Remember, real estate leads are everywhere; all you just need is to be conscious of it and it’ll become a reality. Get your contact out there; connect, invest, and those leads will pour in.

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