How You Know Your Digital Marketing Is Working

Of course, successful marketing starts with a good plan. However, successful marketing continues with good analytics. Without analyzing results of your marketing efforts, you’re basically just embarking on a cross-country journey without a map or GPS.

Maybe you’ll reach the west coast but you wasted a lot of gas and time on the wrong roads or dead ends. Did you really want to spend an extra grand on gas and an extra two days because you didn’t track your progress or navigate?

Here are some ways to know your digital marketing is working:

1. Web Traffic

If you don’t have some sort of analytics on your website, I want you to pinch yourself right now. Google Analytics is free! We use a more robust program called Visistat that gives great graphical representations of the web traffic. The analytics we look at tell us how many people visited our site, how many pages they looked at, what they looked at, where they came to our site from, and what keywords brought the search engine traffic to the site. You can’t know if your digital marketing is working if you don’t have good metrics on your website, which should be the anchor for strategy.

For instance, you could learn that your blog posts on one topic are way more popular than another. That would tell you what your audience wants to see and keep you from generating content that won’t help you reach your goals. It might even tell you you’re getting a high amount of traffic to a webpage that should be deleted.

Your analytics will also tell you where your site visitors are coming from, and that includes social traffic. It could reveal that your Twitter account is sending the most traffic and you would benefit from putting more time into it.

How You Know Your Digital Marketing Is Working image Visitat AnalyticsHow You Know Your Digital Marketing Is Working

2. Unique Call Tracking Numbers and Landing Pages

A great way to know if a specific campaign works or not is by including unique contact information in the calls to action. A call tracking number is great because you can know the exact number of people who dialed that unique number from that specific email or webpage or ad. It’s a unique toll-free number that will then route callers to your line. It will keep count of how many called and who so that you can go back and look to see if you’re generating enough interest from the right targeted audience.

The same can be said for landing pages. We always like to create landing pages for specific events or campaigns or key words. This can give great insight into how many people actually went to your site for that specific thing.

3. Email Marketing Software

Of course, you can send email blasts just out of your basic email address, but you won’t know which contacts looked, what they clicked on, or who they shared the emails with.

We use Infusionsoft and recommend it to many of our clients because of the sheer power that it has in telling you those details. In fact, it’ll even save all those details under each user so you’ll get a full-on profile of each person. That way, you can know who’s interested in what products or services you have to offer to tailor your further marketing or sales tactics.

Infusionsoft takes all of this information into consideration and scores the leads:

How You Know Your Digital Marketing Is Working image visual lead scoringHow You Know Your Digital Marketing Is Working

Keep in mind that digital marketing can also have benefits that are harder to quantify, like good will or brand recognition. Word of mouth is very powerful for a business’s success.

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