Knack Review – Do-It-Yourself Database Creator

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    Knack Review – Making database creation easy

    Databases power most of the applications we use every single day. But for most businesses, creating a database from scratch without assistance from IT is not just a challenge–it’s impossible.

    In this Knack review we will see how it makes database creation easy, with no coding required. This Knack review will examine the steps involved in creating a database through the app’s interface.

    Knack Review – About the Company

    Knack was founded by developers who realized the importance of putting businesses in charge of their own apps. Since its beginnings three years ago, Knack has helped numerous businesses build apps and databases that have allowed them to better manage data.

    Main Functionality of Knack

    Knack is ideal for building applications based on an online database. For instance, if a business wants to create an app to view and manage customer orders, that business could define what information they want to track for an order, and then build an app to enter, search, and manage order records.

    The app is a user-friendly way to display and manage the records in the online database. Records can be displayed with tables, calendars and searches. Forms are used to enter and update records. These apps can be published directly on any website and will work well on mobile devices.

    Advanced features include connecting records together with relationships, assigning records for users to log in and access, and scheduling tasks to run formulas and send email alerts.

    Benefits of Using Knack

    Businesses of all sizes can use Knack to build online database applications. The entire business team can work more productively and collaborate on projects with 24/7 web-based access to their key business data.

    Each online database can be completely customized, so businesses don’t have to fit their needs into cookie-cutter software. Apps can be built from scratch or customized from popular templates like project management, job assignments, order purchasing, in, and more. All of this can be done without hiring a programming or database management staff, saving businesses thousands of dollars each year.

    Because Knack is compatible with smartphones and tablets, businesses can empower their employees as a mobile workforce. Team members can access their information at any time, from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Remote jobs like inspections, installations, and on-site reviews can all be handled online and fed into the main Knack database for review and management.

    The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

    The first step for any new user is to begin the process of building a database. This will be done first through defining data in the Data section of your app builder. First you’ll add an object.

    Knack Review – Do It Yourself Database Creator image k1Knack review

    Add Object

    You can add a new object from scratch, or by importing a spreadsheet or adding a template. Give your object a name.

    Knack Review – Do It Yourself Database Creator image k2Knack review

    Once you’ve added your first object, you can add fields to define the type of data that object will store.

    Knack Review – Do It Yourself Database Creator image knack4 zps23156a95Knack review

    Define Fields

    When adding a field you can specify different types of fields here, including “Yes/No” and “Multiple Choice.” More advanced users can create formulas or connections to other objects.

    Knack Review – Do It Yourself Database Creator image k3Knack review

    Once your database is in place, you can create an interface to view and manage the records in your database. Knack calls these “views.” To add a view, go to the Interface and choose +Add View.

    Knack Review – Do It Yourself Database Creator image k4Knack review

    Here, you’ll be able to set up your view in the best mode for seeing your data.

    Knack Review – Do It Yourself Database Creator image k5Knack review

    Add New View

    Now that you have your interface started, you can view your app by clicking the orange “view” button or publish it to your own website.

    Support Information

    Each trial comes with one hour of free assistance which can be used to walk you through your app and even can help build it.

    Users can chat directly with the Knack team right from the builder.

    Knack has a searchable database of technical questions about its product here, covering almost any issue a user could encounter. If a customer can’t find the answer, help is available by placing a help request through the Knack website.

    Pricing Information

    After a free 14-day trial, plans start at $25 per month, but this plan limits businesses to three apps, 1 GB of storage, and 10,000 records. More heavy-duty plans start at $49 per month and go all the way to enterprise plans.

    The Bottom Line

    In this Knack review we found out that Knack takes what was once a job that only an experienced IT professional could complete and turns it over to everyday business users. While some novice app users might have a difficult time with the interface, for those who are accustomed to working with web-based software, the interface should be fairly easy to learn without training. With a series of great training videos posted on its website, Knack is prepared to provide training to anyone who needs it.

    Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 5/5

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