Key Questions & Answers About Content Marketing in 2013

Key Questions & Answers About Content Marketing in 2013 image content marketing keys for 20131content marketing keys for 2013I’m always on the lookout for ways of boiling down the complexities of content marketing. I want the core features, the main considerations, the heart of the matter. Lee Odden of TopRank has done a great job of answering the key questions about content marketing in 2013; six of them.

I’ll boil them down for you here:

Key Questions about Content Marketing for 2013

1. What is content marketing and what is it not?

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  • It’s not simply creating more content.
  • It’s not just a SEO tactic.
  • Content marketing is meaningful information designed to be useful for a certain audience with the intention of inspiring an outcome or action.

2. How has the importance or value of content changed in the last 5 years?

  • Gearing content to answering the customers’ questions
  • Much more focus on content quality, and less on tactics to game the system.

3. What are a few industry-specific challenges?

4. How will you prepare to combat the new year slump?

  • By using our editorial calendar
  • By keeping a queue of articles and posts to draw from so there is no slump
  • By tying our marketing efforts to events, and creating content and promotions before the event, then during and after the event as well.

5. How can marketers clean up their content collection?

  • Consider repurposing content before dumping it.
  • Examine your content for relevance to the target audience.

6. What will content marketing look like as 2013 unfolds?

  • Content will be more data-informed
  • Integration of earned, owned and shared media
  • More companies adopting content creation as a core part of their marketing mix
  • Companies will be taking a closer, more critical look at their social efforts
  • Content creation will be key in bringing PR and Marketing together.

Well, we’re certainly not able to predict all the twists and turns of content marketing for this year, but Odden has given us a pretty good idea of some things to expect.

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