Key ingredients for a Cover Letter That Stands Out From the Competition

    By Jose Sanchez | Small Business

    Key ingredients for a Cover Letter That Stands Out From the Competition image cover letter 300x200Key ingredients for a Cover Letter That Stands Out From the CompetitionWhen applying for a job, there are several actions that you must take in order to impress the employer and land the job. The most important thing to do is to set yourself apart from the crowd. Like in everything, when you’re applying for a job, you will obviously have your fair share of competition. The best way to be a notable candidate in the sea of potential applicants is to write a well-written, grammatically correct and personable cover letter.

    What is a cover letter? For those of you who are new to application and job hiring process, a cover letter is a document where the applicant has the opportunity to express their personality, list their skills and describe past experiences. However, the real concern for applicants is how to strike the right balance of personality and professionalism when writing a cover letter. Often times, applicants write an unprofessional cover letter in the hopes of coming across as a likeable and personable person; while other applicants write a cover letter that is dull and doesn’t give the employer an insight into their personality. The purpose of this article is to show applicants how to write a cover letter.

    Research the Employer

    One of the most effective cover letter tips is to research the employer. Taking the extra time and effort in finding out about the company you’re applying to says a lot about your dedication and willingness to complete a particular task; therefore, making you seem qualified for the job at hand. Most of the time, other applicants write un-personable cover letters that seem generalized, but if you decide to write about your knowledge on the company that you’re applying to, it will definitely set you apart from the bunch.

    Show that you have passion for the profession

    Showing passion in your cover letter is crucial because it displays that you have genuine interest in the job. Communicating your passion for the line of work you’re seeking is highly important because it can show employers that you are willing to put your heart and soul into the work, which are qualities that most companies search for in their employees.

    Know what to add to your cover letter

    Even if you lack experience in the real workforce, you can still impress an employer by adding the right information to your cover letter. Listing your life experiences, skills and talents is highly important because it shows what qualities you posses and how you can use those qualities to better the company. In addition, you should add your academic and personal history such as: your GPA, test scores, degrees, past volunteer work and hobbies. Also, make sure to describe your personality, interests and your future goals.

    Know how to format your cover letter

    There is a fine line between writing a cover letter and a mini autobiography. One of the most common mistakes made by applicants is writing too much personal information and not enough concrete facts that would interest an employer. The single most important thing to consider when formatting your cover letter is to keep it short, simple, concise and on theme. Keeping it simple and to the point helps the employer remember you when selecting from the sea of other applicants. In addition, always add a good introduction and a killer closing paragraph in your cover letter, and always make sure to add around four to five sentences or bullet points that describe the skills and qualities that you can bring to the company.

    Writing a memorable cover letter seems like a difficult and daunting task to most applicants, but by following the tips mentioned in this article, you can increase your chances of getting the job. And lastly, make sure that you add a touch of personality to your cover letter because one small detail can make the difference of landing the job or losing the job to someone who paid attention to the details. Overall, these tips will help you writie a very solid cover letter.

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