Should You Jump On The Cloud Email Archiving Bandwagon?

Should You Jump On The Cloud Email Archiving Bandwagon? image cloud email archive adoptionShould You Jump On The Cloud Email Archiving Bandwagon?

Using the cloud is no longer a fancy new trend. Organisations from all corners of the world are actively looking to cloud computing to help them manage storage and document recovery.

In fact,

  • Australia is one of the leading countries with the most cloud-friendly policies and laws, second to Japan and ahead of the US ( Forbes).
  • Gartner predicts that organisations will allocate more spending to updating security and email archiving assets, and the total of these budget allocations is forecasted to reach $232 billion by 2016 ( Business Review).

So how do you know if you should jump on the cloud bandwagon?

Here are some considerations for organisations who are thinking of adopting a cloud-based enterprise email archive:

Do You Have The Capacity?

As with any new technology, before taking it on, you should look at the resources you already have, and ask yourself whether it will be an unnecessary acquisition. You don’t want to make the mistake of adopting a redundant technology that only weakens your infrastructure, confuses regular personnel, and frustrates IT staff.

It seems that smaller companies with less dollars and assets are quicker to adopt the cloud because they have less capacity to deal with an on-premises archive. Info World reported that in the US, schools, government agencies and public resources are more agile in their migration to the cloud than private organisations by over 20%.

So while cloud adoption is increasingly popular, large organisations that draw plenty of consumer attention are sometimes reluctant – not because they don’t understand the cloud, but because security is still a fear that holds many businesses back.

Perhaps this is also because larger organisations have more resources, and are therefore better equipped to deal with the extra effort that accompanies an on-premises archive. An on-premises email archive requires constant curation and management, while a cloud email archive is managed for you.

In any case, businesses of all sizes must tread carefully. What option will suit capacity best with the resources you have?

How Well Can You Scale?

Information that needs to be protected is exponential in growth – there’s always more emails going from and to your organisation. You need to make sure you’re prepared to handle your data retention policy.

Can you afford to spend money on buying additional storage to increase the storage limits? Are you going to need additional servers or rack space?

One of the best benefits of the cloud is the ability to outsource this headache, as the cloud vendor is responsible for ensuring that they scale storage to the amount you need. Elasticity of storage space is a definite point in favour of a cloud-based archive.

How Can You Ensure Security?

Cloud Security Alliance stated that data breaches are the number one threat to cloud computing security in 2013. This concern applies to the adoption of a cloud email archive. How can you ensure security and avoid a data breach and all its implications?

If you have the resources (budget and staff) you might want to develop an on-premise solution, but you would be responsible for enforcing protocols and maintaining security.

The question is whether you have the capacity, scale, and security to implement an on-premises archive.

Those organisations that are stretched for resources will benefit more from a cloud-based email archive, as a third party is constantly making sure that you have the most advanced security and protections to make sure that rogue clouds have little to no impact. Even if an employee accidentally deletes an important email, a cloud-based archive will store each one so that you know it’s not completely lost.

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Should You Jump On The Cloud Email Archiving Bandwagon? image 3b4701ff 9134 432a 8350 e5e51cbf57401Should You Jump On The Cloud Email Archiving Bandwagon?

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