Job Titles That Will Benefit from Using Video in 2013 – Is Yours on the List?

People are connecting with each other online in more and more ways these days. From email, product and company websites to blog content, companies are offering a look into their products and the people behind them across more departments within a company than you may think. Is your job title or department one that will benefit from using video in 2013?

Here are four examples of job titles and departments that have found new ways to communicate and connect with their audience using video:

Marketing Director/Community Manager/Social Media Manager: Video is perhaps most common when it comes to marketing. You can use video to, yes, market your product, but you can also market your company through the medium as well. The kind of videos you produce will determine the feel that customers will associate with your company. Video is your way to artistically and creatively show yourself and your product to the world.

A marketing video could be as simple as a behind the scenes video. Check out this one that Disney recently posted.

Sales Manager/Salesperson: There’s no better way to showcase your product than by giving customers a glimpse of how it actually works. Video can do this without having to be face-to-face with the customers you wish to reach. Depending on the content, music and sound effects can be used to enhance the look and appeal of your product or service. Your mode of presentation can be entirely up to you, allowing you to control the look of your products while you demonstrate how they work and explain why the viewer should be using them. Most importantly, by including real sales staff in your videos you will connect your audience not only to your product or service but to your people as well.

Director of Internal Comms/Employee Comms Manager/Intranet Manager: “93% of internal comms professionals believe video has become an essential tool” (Melcrum, 2011). Companies are starting to use video to communicate internally as well as externally nowadays. As you consider any and all reasons to join in on video communications, think about the way you can showcase your people, core values, and culture internally. Video can be used to provide more visibility and connectivity to corporate leaders as well as among all employees throughout a geographically widespread company. Think about videos for celebration of successes, updates and training on policies and procedures, and promotion of internal events.

Customer Service Representative/Technical Support Staff: Customers often have questions both before and after purchasing a product or service. Figure out your product’s FAQs and create a video to answer those. The video can display an actual tutorial for product usage and troubleshooting. Along with FAQs, you can use video to give viewers tips on your product or even general bits of advice for your field. This shows that your company not only cares about products after they’re in the consumer’s hands but that you want to be involved in the industry as best you can.

Check out the video below for a perfect example of how REI uses video for customer service online:

What are some other job titles that can benefit from using video? How are you using video in your department? Tell us in the comments section below!

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