Get the Job You Deserve: A New Take on an Old Problem

    By Lou Adler | Small Business

    There’s more to getting a job than being good at interviewing. The person’s resume or LinkedIn profile first has to be found, the person needs to be great at networking to get their resume to the top of the list, then the resume has to be read and be so compelling the person is invited in for an interview. But we’re not done yet. Once in the interview, the candidate than needs to make sure the interviewer is asking the right questions before giving the right answers.

    Consider this: there are roughly 300,000 jobs filled every month in the U.S. (You have to subtract the number of people who quit to get the number of new jobs created as reported by the Department of Labor.) For every one of these jobs, 5-10 candidates are interviewed before one person is hired. Not too surprisingly, most of the 1.5 to 2.0 million candidates being interviewed every month aren’t very good at interviewing. But that’s not even half the whole story.

    The bigger problem is that the roughly 3-5 people interviewing each of the 1.5 to 2.0 candidates aren’t very good at interviewing either. As a result the person who gets hired is the person who makes the best presentation, not the person who’s the best worker and most suited for the job.

    Over the years I’ve personally prepped thousands of candidates on what they have to do to get ready for the interview. Given all of the variables – the job, the company, the variety of interviewing processes used, the quality of the interviewers and the skill of the candidate – capturing how to do it correctly in a short video training series is no easier matter. But we did it in my new video series: Getting the Job You Deserve – Advice for the Job-seeker from a Veteran Recruiter.

    Not only does the job-seeker need to be fully-prepared, he or she must also quickly assess the quality of the interviewer and take charge if the questions are misleading, superficial or inappropriate. Fully-prepared is not about answering stock questions, it’s about answering non-stock questions. It’s about neutralizing weaknesses, overcoming nervousness, figuring out real job needs, asking probing questions that brand the candidate as insightful, then telling stories about the person’s greatest accomplishments. Following the ten-step process in this video program, candidates will be fully-prepared to handle the toughest interviewing challenges. While this series won’t help someone get a job they don’t deserve, it will dramatically increase their odds of getting one they do.

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