Jewelry made from landmines by conflict-afflicted citizens

It can be one thing to donate funds to those in war-torn countries, but there has recently been a trend of startups actively helping citizens to get back on their feet. We’ve covered Zambikes, the California-based startup helping those in Zambia to build and sell bamboo bikes around the world. Now, Saught is a social business that helps Cambodians to create jewelry products out of the scrap metal left behind by landmines.

Countries such as Cambodia are still feeling the effects of war, both civil and international – whether it’s a ruined economy or land left unusable due to chemicals or active explosives. Based in Singapore, Saught has partnered with de-mining organizations in Cambodia and internationally to obtain scrap metal suitable for turning into jewelry. This material is then used in workshops that teach citizens how to make pieces ready for sale, as well as how they can pass on their skills to others. The story of each piece is then included so that consumers are made aware of the situation in Cambodia. Saught currently has three ranges – entitled Freedom from War, Freedom from Poverty and Freedom from Fear.

Purchasing a piece from Saught helps put money back into business workshops in Cambodia, subsidizes de-mining efforts in areas where explosives may still be active and enables the startup to expand into other war-torn territories. Could your business adopt a similarly active approach in your charitable giving?


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