Jewelry emits perfume for allergy sufferers

While jewelry is often seen as a merely aesthetic pleasure we’ve already seen others exploring other functions it can serve, such as Wearable Planter‘s tiny plantpot pieces. Now Netherlands-based designer Jody Kocken has created her Perfumetools range, which emit pleasant fragrances without the wearer having to apply it to their skin.

The pieces, which include a set of earrings, a bracelet and a necklace, feature small capsules that can be connected to the top of a perfume bottle and hold a small amount of the fragrance. The precious metal chosen for the jewelry conducts heat from the body when worn, which in turn helps the perfume to dissipate without coming into contact with the skin. Kocken came up with the idea after she discovered that she was allergic to many perfumes and that her pieces could help others to wear a fragrance without applying it to their body.

It is unclear whether the designer will be placing Perfumetools onto the market any time soon, but the idea has already been nominated for a Melkweg Award and a Keep An Eye Grant. How else could jewelry be made practical beyond its aesthetic use?


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