Jeans store uses QR codes to make shopping easier for men

    By Tom | Small Business

    We recently wrote about QThru, a system using QR codes to speed up the check-out process. Aimed at men who don’t like shopping, Hointer also uses the technology to break down the traditional retail model and help make clothes shopping pain-free.

    Located in Seattle, customers walking into the store are greeted by a floor that contains only one pair of each model of jeans available. The jeans are tagged with a QR code that – when scanned using the store’s bespoke app – delivers a pair in the chosen size to a fitting room in the store and alerts the customer which room to go to. Once the jeans have been tried, customers can either send the jeans back into the system or swipe their card using a machine in each fitting room to make a purchase. The GeekWire video below shows the system in action:

    Rather than forcing shoppers to contend with piles of clothes hoping to find the right size, Hointer simplifies the process using technology and makes buying a pair of jeans less stressful. How else can the retail experience be tailored to those who would otherwise avoid it?


    Spotted by: Murray Orange

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