From Japan, makeup that disappears with nothing but warm water

For some women, applying makeup is a must before leaving the house, but the removal of it can be time-consuming at the end of a long day. Now Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido has created the Fullmake Washable Base, a foundation that can be washed off with just warm water.

Where traditional makeup materials may require rigorous scrubbing before they’re completely gone, the Shiseido product is a base which uses what the company calls a Veil Action Polymer. The ingredient contains a warm water sensor, meaning it doesn’t react to cold water, but dissolves when it comes into contact with water above around 40 degrees Celsius. The result is that the foundation, as well as any makeup placed on top of it, comes off with little effort. The DigInfo video below offers a demonstration of the product:

The Fullmake Washable Base could save women time and make the removal of cosmetics a painless exercise. Are there other women’s products that could be improved in a similar way?


Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

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