From Israel, eco aerosol uses nanotechnology in place of polluting gases


Aerosols have long been known to be bad for the environment and although CFCs are largely a thing of the past, current versions still use nitrous oxide and CO2 — known greenhouse gases. Hailing from Israel, Greenspense claims to be an eco alternative that does away with propellants to create a non-pressurized aerosol dispenser.

Typical spray cans need to be packaged in metal cylinders to hold the pressurized contents inside. Greenspense containers instead use a flexible bag which holds the contents. The bag is wrapped in an elastic sleeve which uses nanotechnology to squeeze the bag when the nozzle is pressed, forcing the contents to be sprayed. The solution achieves the high pressure needed to eject the aerosol out of the packaging without the need for volatile and environment-damaging chemicals. Because the pressure is also forced inwards, rather onto the container, the innovation also enables product designers to use a number of materials and shapes for the packaging, such as biodegradable plastic or recycled cardboard.

Greenspense has already been in conversation with L’Oreal, Gillette and Beiersdorf, as well as PepsiCo about potential use for the invention, which reduces environmental damage, offers greater flexibility with packaging, cuts costs and is also able to be retrofitted onto existing nozzles. Could we soon see these alternative aerosols hit the shelves?


Spotted by Smith Alan, written by Springwise

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