iPad app enables homeowners to buy original art for USD 250

We’ve already seen Artsy provide a way for anyone to browse the world’s art, with facilities to buy a piece for themselves. However, a lot of original art isn’t in the budget of typical households. ARTtwo50 is a platform that sells one-off pieces for USD 250, with users able to see what it might look like in their home through augmented reality.

Customers can download the iPad app for free, before browsing some of the pieces available to buy. By taking a photo of the space they’d like to hang some art, users can then virtually place the item to see whether it’s a good fit. Once they’ve found a piece they like, ARTtwo50 will deliver it for a fixed price of USD 250. The pricing makes buying art a simpler process for consumers, while the emerging artists whose work is featured on the site win the peace of mind of a suitable sum of money for their labor. The video below explains a bit more about the platform:

ARTtwo50 opens up the art market to consumers who don’t have the means to afford art from a traditional gallery, or know whether they’re getting a good deal. Are there other ways to make home décor simpler for amateurs?

Website: www.arttwo50.com
Contact: hangit@arttwo50.com

Spotted by: Murray Orange

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