The Internet In a Day [Infographic]

The Internet In a Day [Infographic] image internetdayInfographic: The Internet In a Day

Have you ever stopped to think about how many people use the Internet in this world? You know the number must be huge, but how huge? And what do those people do on the Internet?

Well this Infographic that we got from takes a look at what happens on the Internet in just one day. Not surprisingly, the answers are astounding. It is important to recognize the amount that the web expands each day, and that this expansion represents new opportunities to you and your brand.

If your business isn’t online, check out this video series Magnet Media made with Google to show how small- to medium-sized businesses across the country were able to expand and grow using the web. If you’re already online, this Infographic will show you how important it is to take your digital strategy seriously, as well as the value of using video. Also, just notice how much people spend on iPhone apps every hour. If your brand isn’t discussing mobile, perhaps it’s time to consider it.

Some interesting points from this Infographic:

  • One-third of the entire global popular uses the Internet every day.
  • There are more tweets sent every second than the amount of breaths you take in an hour.
  • $116,220 worth of iPhone apps are downloaded each hour. That’s not even considered Android or others!
  • 98 years worth of digital video are uploaded to YouTube every day.

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The Internet In a Day [Infographic] image 120215InternetFINALThe Internet In a Day [Infographic]

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