Integrating Content Marketing Into Your Business

Some tips for successfully getting content marketing started and keeping your sanity

Building a content marketing program in your organization can provide great results for search engine optimization and your existing marcom efforts. Getting started can be a challenge, so I’ve outlined a few tips to help set you up for success from the beginning.

  1. Clearly define what your content marketing objectives are and how they’ll help your company.Defining goals should include:
    • A deadline to reach your goals. Without deadlines, it is easy to let priorities lapse or put off undesirable tasks.
    • A way to measure your goals. If you can’t measure them, how will you know they have been reached? Measurements can be qualitative or quantitative but should be clearly defined before beginning.
    • Resources you will need to reach your goal. Outlining what you will need and who can help you will give clearer direction to your plan.
  2. Coordinate with existing content creators to maximize current efforts.There are probably people at your organization creating content that is relevant, or could be if given a bit of direction. If you’re not sure who all at your organization is already creating content, do a quick search on social media and through search engines for keywords around your industry and your organization’s name. You’d be surprised how many people are blogging, tweeting, posting photos and more that may be relevant. Integrating these people into your project will give you more variety and depth of content.
  3. Know your organization’s existing SEO plans Knowing what topics your company is already conducting search engine optimization for is a smart move. It’s also important to let your SEO team know about your content marketing efforts, especially if you plan on going on a content creating binge around a particular topic. They will probably have insight into how your content is currently performing for benchmarking purposes as well.Keeping them in the loop and then working together to track progress will mean better content generation strategies moving forward and the ability to show others in the organization how your efforts have contributed.Note: If you don’t have an SEO person/team, consider using one of the SEO dashboard available to measure keywords and pages. There are lots of great products out there that offer free trials including SEOmoz, GinzaMetrics and even Google Keyword Tool.
  1. Measure your results regularly.You’re putting in the effort so be sure you can show off your work. By setting regular measurement expectations you will recognize trends more quickly and be able to leverage the content that is successful for greater results.

These tips should provide a good starting point for content marketing in your organization. Keep in mind that any new process takes time to get established and become routine. Making some time to establish the right ground rules and measurements initially will save you time and struggles down the road.

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