Instagram & Branding: A Winning Combination

    By Andy Donovan | Small Business

    Instagram & Branding: A Winning Combination image instagram 630x419Instagram & Branding: A Winning CombinationUndoubtedly, even though Instagram is not a novelty on the global market now, the research unveils that its role in the businesses’ branding activities remains indispensable these days. In addition to mere reposts of logos, the companies also tend to share a wide range of photos and pics, related to office life, live conferences, public announcements, etc.

    The unified goal of using Instagram in branding, in this respect, is the same and lies in providing potential and loyal customers with more awareness of the brand and its services and increasing their interest in its products. However, using the service in one’s marketing tactics is insufficient, if the business applies no side apps or analytic engines to measure audience reach and responsiveness rates.

    Apply Additional Tools

    Obviously, the current marketing industry already has a vast array of available options for companies, wishing to evaluate and improve their brand activities in Instagram. Some of the most beneficial ones include:

    • Webstagram allows brands to send private messages to customers, get detailed account statistics and an ability to offer an RSS feed to the company’s photos to clients.
    • Followgram expands account functionality, e.g. a Follow button, RSS feed, WordPress widgets, etc.
    • Statigram enables to promote the company’s Instagram account, analyze branding activities, increase community engagement, etc.

    In case of an urgent need to make the company’s Instagram account somewhat popular, there is also a possibility to increase the number of company’s account subscribers immediately, using services like Instaigner.

    Mix Marketing Channels

    In spite of being an exceptionally advantageous branding engine, Instagram is hardly as powerful as to allow companies to realize the proper branding strategy, if it is not integrated with other media marketing channels.

    In particular, the most obvious and beneficial strategy is to share Instagram photos and videos in social media, presenting interesting and interactive content from different angles, depending on a chosen social network.

    It is also possible to add backlinks to a company’s official landing pages or articles at its official blog to photos and videos, shared via Instagram, in order to drive more traffic to the business webpage. At the same time, it is vital to ensure that the site content can make people browse and/or read further.

    Keep Instagram in the Ad Focus

    Despite the fact that Instagram has not developed its advertising capabilities as much as other social networks yet, experts predict that there will appear many more options for businesses of such kind in the nearest future.

    According to Mr. Anton Ruin, CEO of Epom ad serving company, for example, since Instagram can’t but undergo serious changes and improvements, it is more than necessary to keep pace with the continuous updates, related to its advertising aspect.

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