Innovative Alternatives to Google Reader

    By Brent Pohlman | Small Business

    Innovative Alternatives to Google Reader image ID 10021526Innovative Alternatives to Google ReaderGoogle Reader is going away. The announcement was made last week from Google. I applaud Google with giving people proper notice and for always looking at better ways to do things.

    I as a big user and proponent of Google Reader three to four years ago. I thought RSS feeds were the way to go. I have still not given up on Google Feed Burner and will probably hang in there till the end.

    RSS Feeds are a technology for the geeks. People who understand them and can use their functionality think they have a place. I used to think this way. Unfortunately the technology never caught on. Similar to QR Codes. Cool functionality, but you have to have a QR reader and it simply points you to another site.

    Now, we find all kinds of news reader alternatives in different blog posts and articles. I am sure if you googled, “Google Reader Alternatives” you could find hundreds of different packages.

    Now…Stop a second and start looking at this topic from a new perspective.

    • How can I save time reading?
    • How can I get better information?
    • How can I get more relevant information?
    • How can I access this information?

    Here are my suggestions:

    Innovative Alternative #1

    Use Google Alerts – Switch from Google Reader to Email

    • Send information to your email address. Very handy for mobile
    • Now you have information on specific topics of interest across a number of media sources
    • Not limited to just one newspaper or magazine
    • You can quickly scan your email and see a summary before checking it out.

    Innovative Alternative #2

    Use Twitter Lists

    • Organize information by lists – -Keywords, Authors, #hashtag
    • Just check out real-time information more than older information

    Innovative Alternative #3

    Use email signups and app sign-up for feeds to your email.

    • Now you get information directly from the source
    • You have it in a place you check on a regular basis
    • If you get too many, you can quickly unsubscribe
    • Helps keep you informed when news is released. I like USAToday, CNN and ESPN updates — Think Mobile

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