Incomplete fencing handle relies on silicone clay for a customized grip

Longtime Springwise readers may remember Sugru, the silicone clay aimed at product “hacking” that we covered back in 2010. While originally conceived as a means for improving existing products with “rough edges” to be smoothed – both figuratively and literally speaking – recently we learned of what apparently is the first product designed with Sugru in mind: a customizable fencing handle from London-based fencing institution Leon Paul.

Now available for preorder with shipping beginning later this month, the Leon Paul Evolution Pistol Grip fencing handle “turns athletes into product designers and allows them to tailor their handle not only to improve comfort but also to suit their style of fencing,” in the company’s own words. Essentially, the premise is a foil handle that’s purposely designed to be incomplete, allowing the athlete to add a specially developed form of Sugru to build up the perfect customized grip, even with varying degrees of hardness possible. Not only that, but fencers can continuously modify the GBP 24.99 aluminum grip so it evolves to suit their needs over time. The video below explains the premise in more detail:

“It’s exciting to think of a future where products are manufactured incomplete, and the customer is the expert,” says James Carrigan, Sugru cofounder and chief Sugru guru. How could a dose of customizability transform your product or brand?


Spotted by: Katherine Noyes

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