How Important are Customer Reviews to Your Business

Customer reviews and complaints are quickly becoming more prominent and effective now that the internet and everyone using it is more social. Never before has each individual customer had so much power over million dollar companies and brands. This can be especially influential in small business and local branding.

Let’s say that you are a local plumber for example. Customer reviews are going to be extremely crucial for the success of your business. No one is using the yellow pages anymore and everyone wants previous customer feedback and reviews before hiring anyone these days.

The first thing for plumbing professionals to remember, the company says, is that local search optimization is everything. “That’s just how homeowners seek out plumbers today, period,” Zammuto affirms. “There might be some instances in which they ask for recommendations from friends or co-workers, but in most cases—and certainly in emergencies—they are going to pick whichever plumber ranks highest atop Google.”

If a potential customer is going to look up local plumbers in their area and your business name comes up on the list with some negative reviews, you can consider any customers who see this a complete loss!

In the infographic below we are going to get a visual and statistical look at just how important customer reviews are for different businesses. Not only do reviews scare off potential buyers but they also greatly influence the decision process and how/if other customer leave reviews for different products and services.

  • 90% of customers trust recommendation from people they know
  • 89% of consumers trust customer reviews made by strangers online
  • 87% of consumers are influenced by positive reviews.
  • Consumers trust customer reviews 12 times more than manufacturer’s descriptions.

These top two statistics in itself are scary enough! Stats show it doesn’t even matter if customer reviews are real or not. This in itself should scare brands and the important of brand management and what people might find when they search a brand name in Google!

How Important are Customer Reviews to Your Business image customer review infographicHow Important are Customer Reviews to Your Business

Thanks to MyReviewsNow for the infographic!

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