How the HubSpot Prospects Tool Can Assist the Sales Department in Making Sales

Here is some valuable information for your Sales Department on how to gain business intelligence using marketing automation software Hubspot’s Prospect tool.

What the Prospects tool doesn’t provide you with is contact names and email addresses, but it does provide you with company IP addresses and pageview information that can seriously pay-off if you are willing to do some detective work and assimilate the intelligence to establish your leads.

First off, it is worth noting that sales people can be forgiven for thinking marketing automation is just for the marketing team. However, Hubspot’s Prospects function is a seriously useful tool for the sales department and can provide you with some strong business intelligence.

To keep it simple, here are three points on how the Hubspot Prospects tool can assist the Sales Department in making sales.

You can:

  1. Find out which companies are visiting your website
  2. Find out the specific pages your visitors have landed on and the frequency with which these particular pages are viewed
  3. Send customised reports on this intelligence to sales individuals and managers via email notifications

How does this business intelligence benefit you if you are in Sales?

Let’s look at them one at a time:

  1. You can see that a particular company X is interested in your company. For example, you have had 13 unique visits from company X and so you know 13 people in company X are familiar with your company. This is an opening for you to find out why they are visiting your website. What are they looking for on your website? How can you be of assistance to them?
  2. You can see the content your website visitors from company X are most interested in based on the number of pages they have viewed and the frequency with which each particular page has been viewed. So, continuing with company X as our example, your website has been viewed by 13 unique visitors. You can see that 13 visitors have viewed 65 pages in total. You now look in to the pageviews history and you see that out of the 65 pages viewed 11 of them were on a particular service you offer. This is an opening for sales to contact the decision makers at company X, as it does look like there is serious interest in this particular service.
  3. You can customize reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to each sales individual and manager, based on particular companies they are keeping an eye on. For example, one Sales Manager operates within a territory and is particularly interested in company X as it is within her territory and she previously has had a brief conversation with one of the managers at company X.

Pulling these three points together this is what we get:

The Sales Manager received an email notification with a customised report that shows 61 people have visited the website from company X and there have been 13 pageviews of one of your services. The Sales Manager previously had a brief conversation with a manager at company X about the service. The interest shown since that conversation indicates the manager at company X is disseminating your information and is a valuable contact to have. It is worth the Sales Manager returning to company X to discuss the interest in the service.

So, as you can see, the information provided by the Prospect tool report is valuable business intelligence and will certainly inform your sales conversations moving forward and assist in making all important sales.

It is worth remebering that these are anonymous reports and you don’t get detailed information about the visitors just about the company. One of the objectives of inbound is to convert these anonymous visitors into contacts who are willing to share their details in exchange for a valuable piece of content.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can convert your visitors to contacts you can download this free guide on generating leads here:

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